June 2012: Tigeraugen sehen besser

by June 2, 2012

Tigeraugen sehen besser translates to “Tiger Eyes See Better” which is an interesting title for this romantic comedy.  Christoph Waltz stars alongside Anica Dobra in one of the few films where he is the romantic leading man.  He plays Dr. Thilo Rylow, an optometrist who meets his old friend, Judith Behrens when she comes in for an eye infection.  It’s obvious from the start that Thilo had feelings for Judith from the past, that are rekindled quickly.  However, Judith is oblivious to his feelings or even to the thought of him as a romantic partner when she is seduced quickly into the arms of the younger soccer-playing handsome furniture delivery man who brings a new bed for her child.  Thilo tries wooing her through flowers, and tickets to see him in his band, but is relegated to the role of child sitter while she dates the delivery man.

Judith is not the only oblivious person in the story.  Thilo is ignoring the advances of the lovely lady doctor who works in his practice alongside him.  She obviously wants him as she shows up to all of his gigs and provides him a friendly ear and reassuring shoulder when Judith stands him up yet again.  He finally decides to consummate this relationship just as Judith realizes that she is in love with Thilo and breaks up with the delivery man.  Will our two star-crossed heroes find each other in the end?

Christoph Waltz is likeable enough in this movie. It was not a particularly demanding part, nor is the storyline too involved.  He has the most fun during scenes where he is required to play the accordion with the band, and it’s obvious that part was a riot.  The theme music will get stuck in your head for days also.  For a fairly obvious romantic comedy, it’s entirely passable and easy enough to understand without subtitles.  This is not Academy Award winning stuff here, but it’s amusing enough to hold ones’ attention on first viewing.


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