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by January 17, 2013



Do you have a question about Mr. Waltz’s old works? Interested in the plot details, or wondering who the costars were?

Ask CWF!

Our team will tackle your questions as best as we can, and post the answers on this page!

We can answer questions in German and in English.  Also, please note that we will not answer questions regarding Mr. Waltz’s personal life or family.


I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could maybe watch or download ANY of Christoph’s german films WITH subtitles… I really want to watch some of his german movies but I can’t find any anywhere with subtitles :/

Hi! We are working on a video-on-demand feature that will enable viewers to watch streaming videos. Not all have subtitles, though, as many were made for German TV. Alternatively, you can attend the screenings where people will show up to help with the non-subtitled movies for non-German speakers to understand.

Please note: this feature has been disabled until further notice


This isn’t really a question regarding christoph’s works and such, but I was wondering if you knew where I could watch the 2010 jimmy kimmel interview of Christoph? The one where he talks about Der Humpink and such?! Maybe if you have it, you could upload it!

Ask and you shall receive: Jimmy Kimmel interviews Christoph Waltz, 2010


First of all, I’d like to congratulate the people who run this website since the informations and memorabilia about CW here displayed are genuine fan admiration, the kind of thing every actor needs especially when they become a popstar, just like CW did, and probably have to deal with some falsehood.
My interest in CW as an actor and person showed up through Tarantino movies, and I really wanted to know his other movies so I can fully understand him. You guys made a good work posting all those movies he acted, but as a non-german speeker, I’d like to know if there is any subtitles avaible to any CW’s downloadable movies that someone there could point to me.
I’ve seen the beautiful birthday projects as well, and I’d like to know if the 2013 one will be open to fans’ artworks just like 2012 project was. I’m making a caricature of CW and I’d be glad to think he saw it. Thank you, happy new year to you people.

Thank you! We try to do our best here to run a site that Mr. Waltz will be proud to have associated with him. He is the kind of man who deserves a good fan site and respectful fans, and we hope that in some way, we can help him have this.

Subtitles… that is the number 1 most requested thing. I wish we did have subtitles. However we would need someone to provide them. I don’t personally speak German. I suggest you attend the film screenings in order to have native German speakers help you with the plots, as it’s the best we can offer at the moment.


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