Carnage Blu-ray and DVD on sale in Germany

 Carnage Blu-ray and DVD hit stores today in Germany!

If you missed it at the cinema you now can buy Carnage on Blu-ray and DVD in Germany to watch it at home. Unfortunately the special content, which is the same for both versions, is not very extensive and only offers some promotional interviews (~ 32 minutes), […]

The Sunday Times Culture interview with Christoph Waltz!

The Sunday Times (UK) culture section has a new interview with Mr. Waltz and it is fantastic! (Link to article, requires payment to read)
Sitting down at the Chateau Marmont in LA, Waltz discusses his life in England prior to his rise to fame, and his disdain for theater.  He also speaks highly of Tarantino and […]

Chris Vognar on Christoph Waltz

Just in time for the wide release of Carnage today, Chris Vognar from the Dallas Morning News has released a video comparing and contrasting Hans Landa versus Alan Cowan, the character that Mr. Waltz plays in Carnage.
While it is known that Mr. Waltz hesitates to compare his performances from each other, I feel that Vognar […]

CARNAGE release dates: Is it coming soon to your area?

From the Carnage Website:

Christoph Waltz videos and articles supporting Carnage!

We are getting more English articles released in support of Carnage! USA Today interviewed Christoph Waltz, and published a video and article!

Click here to read the full article on USA Today! has a video interview with Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly

BREAKING NEWS! Christoph Waltz to star on Conan O'Brien's show Wednesday Dec. 14, 2011!

We have just learned that Christoph Waltz is to star on Conan O’Brien’s show Wednesday December 14, 2011!
Conan is shown at 11 PM on TBS – please check your listings!
As Mr. O’Brien is absolutely delightful, Mr. Waltz should be on great form – so we’re REALLY looking forward to this!

"Fuer Sie" interview scan,(with English translation), SF video, LA Times Envelope Article, and a clarification

We received a scan of an interview Mr. Waltz did for “Fuer Sie” magazine in Germany. Interestingly, it was the same interviewer who did the Playboy interview. I will aim to have the English translation up over the weekend.

English Translation (Thanks to Ghost)

„Für Sie“ Interview
He can appear as cynical and does not like personal […]

MovieWeb Exclusive and The Hollywood Reporter Actors' Roundtable Videos

Today, released an exclusive video of Christoph Waltz being interviewed for Carnage!

Also, The Hollywood Reporter included Mr. Waltz in their Actors’ Roundtable Discussion Panel this year, and there is a video of the entire event plus photoshoot!

Carnage press continues in Germany (German and English links)

I hope everyone US-based has recovered from Thanksgiving and the dreaded “Black Friday” sales!
We have a gaggle of new links to articles as Carnage was just released in Germany but first, in preparation for the SAG awards, did a series of “Actor on Actor” articles.
Robert Duvall on Christoph Waltz (English)
Waltz: “Gute […]

Don't Miss This: Christoph Waltz interviewed by Tavis Smiley!

In case you missed it last night, the video is now online! Christoph Waltz was interviewed last night by Tavis Smiley, on PBS. It was a 15 minute interview and Mr. Waltz was in wonderful form. He spoke very enthusiastically about Carnage, working with Roman Polanski, and had a great rapport with […]

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