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Radio interview on Austrian station Ö1

Shortly before the Oscars, interviewer Hannelore Veit from the Austrian radio station “Ö1” has met Mr. Waltz in L.A. for an interview. The interview comes in German. Mr. Waltz talks, among other topics, about the upcoming Oscar night, Austria, an old outstanding account, working with Tarantino and his upcoming projects. You can listen to the […]

German Magazine scans: Focus and Stern

With thanks to Ghost for these! 😀

New Django Trailer

A new International Django Unchained trailer was released today with new footage, a closer look at Django and Dr. Schultz’s relationship, a slimier look at Calvin Candie, more humor, and, of course, more Tarantino violence!
Can I just say, Merry Christmas everyone!!!
There was also a new German Django poster released that looks very stunning!

Deutscher Trailer für Django Unchained

 Django Unchained hat einen deutschen Trailer erhalten!
Zu sehen sind zwei Minuten des bereits bekannten internationalen Trailers  in deutscher Übersetzung:
Die wichtigste Erkenntnis aus der bisher zu hörenden deutschen Synchro ist, dass Christoph Waltz gesprochen wird von – Christoph Waltz!
Kinostart ist für Deutschland weiterhin der 31. Januar 2013.
After the German trailer for Django Unchained was released today, […]

Christoph Waltz and the Jaguar XKR-S in GQ Deutschland: English Translation

Not only was it fantastic to see Christoph Waltz featured in the March 2012 issue of GQ Deutschland,  imagine our joy when we realized that he wrote the article himself!
While you will have to purchase the magazine to read the full article in German, we have done an English translation of the article for non-German […]

Christoph Waltz test drives the Jaguar XKR-S in GQ Deutschland!

I was aware that Mr. Waltz was interviewed for GQ last month, but this was a ridiculously fast turn around.  Christoph talks about – among other things, the Jaguar XKR-S.  We know that he is a fan of Jaguars, having been spotted in a silver one in December, but could car reviewer and critic be […]

"Fuer Sie" interview scan,(with English translation), SF video, LA Times Envelope Article, and a clarification

We received a scan of an interview Mr. Waltz did for “Fuer Sie” magazine in Germany. Interestingly, it was the same interviewer who did the Playboy interview. I will aim to have the English translation up over the weekend.

English Translation (Thanks to Ghost)

„Für Sie“ Interview
He can appear as cynical and does not like personal […]

Carnage press continues in Germany (German and English links)

I hope everyone US-based has recovered from Thanksgiving and the dreaded “Black Friday” sales!
We have a gaggle of new links to articles as Carnage was just released in Germany but first, in preparation for the SAG awards, did a series of “Actor on Actor” articles.
Robert Duvall on Christoph Waltz (English)
Waltz: “Gute […]

Berliner Morgenpost interview with Christoph Waltz (UPDATE: added link to interview)

Update: Here is a link to ‘s interview with Christoph Waltz (German) Polanski hat immer Recht
Here is a short interview with the Berliner Morgenpost about Carnage. Original in German, rough translation below.
Berliner Morgenpost: Waltz – “Es ist einfach, Hollywood zu verteufeln” (Original German)

Waltz – “It’s easy to demonize Hollywood”
In 2009, the […]

Global Carnage Interviews Megapost! UPDATED: German articles translated to English

Lots of links and images today to interviews Christoph is giving for Carnage. The Playboy interview has been translated to English and is at the end of this article.
We have Mr. Waltz’s German interview with Playboy (Dec. 2011 issue) scanned in for your enjoyment, and some from the German TV magazine.
TV Digital
„Puke by Polanski’s recipe“

TV […]

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