Water for Elephants, New York Premiere

ChristophWaltzFans.com interviewed at WFE-NYC!

While we were at the premiere of Water for Elephants, we were interviewed in the crowd! Check out the interview with Christoph, where the reporter, Lesley Nagy, informs him we are in the crowd, and also talks to our own Jekkie34!
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VIDEO: Jekkie34 meets Christoph Waltz at Water for Elephants NYC!

Jekkie34 was lucky enough to meet Christoph outside of the Ziegfeld Theater at the premiere of Water for Elephants! View the video here!

Christoph Waltz Fans.com Lives it up in NYC!

Here are some photos of Sacher, Jekkie34 and Big Strudel living it up in the big apple!

Thank you, Mr. Waltz!

Many, many thanks to Christoph Waltz for coming out after the premiere and greeting the fans who were still there. And thank you for the beautiful autograph you gave my dear friend Jekkie for me (I was so tired after waiting all last night in the rain and all day today!)
Of course, I can’t […]

ChristophWaltzFans.com Red Carpet EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

ChristophWaltzFans.com in conjunction with the girls from waterforelephantsfilm.com were LIVE on the red carpet getting photographs!

You can see our photos of Rob and Reese on WaterforElephantsfilm.com.

Watch Live Interviews from the Red Carpet!

The lovely ladies at the Water for Elephants fan blog will be LIVE on the red carpet interviewing the stars of Water for Elephants and streaming it to their website!
They were afraid of interviewing Christoph for fear of “The Look”. (It’s already becoming infamous!) I gave them some advice on how to have a […]

ChristophWaltzFans.com is IN NEW YORK!

What is that, you ask?
That is the view from our room.
That is the ZIEGFELD THEATER. Also known as the site of the WFE premiere.
Sachertorte and Big Strudel are here in New York City, on location, alive and in one piece, despite an hour delay on the runway in Pittsburgh, and Sacher […]


Can’t make it to New York? Excited to see Christoph Waltz Fans.com’s Team August (all three of us…) get trampled and mauled by a hoard of undead vampire Robert Pattinson fans (who are angry at us because our mean bad August beats up their poor Jacob despite it being only a movie?)
Don’t despair. MTV […]

Information on WFE Premiere!

IMPORTANT: RED CARPET STARTS AT 5 PM. PREMIERE IS AT 6 PM. The celebs, etc. will only be around for an hour at the most.

Saturday PM ChristophWaltzFans.com will be attending the Team Rosie cocktail party, so please come along and say hi to us then especially if you want to hang out with […]

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