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The Fan Club and Forums are Finally Here!

I am so pleased to announce that our new Forum Section, Social Networking Profiles, and Private Messaging features are fully operational!
Back in January we started fundraising for it, and after three months of very hard work, including having to get information and help from the developers of the software, we are so pleased to […]

We are 3 and 33!

It’s celebration time! Today, CWF is 3 years old and Sacher is 33!
Three years ago, an endeavour was started by one devoted fan that with a little help of her friends soon grew into the CWF that you know today.
What started as a picture blog on tumblr has become a huge website that will soon […]

We are halfway done with our revamp!

I’m proud to say the cosmetic changes on CWF are done! Come check out the new-look site and tell me what you think. The next step are the upgrades for forum and chat. 😀 Paul’s done a GREAT job so far – THANK YOU, PAUL!

Admin note

Hello Friends!
This is just a quick message to all of you who are writing in to the site right now via the contact forms or emailing me for the project.
I am getting all of your wonderful messages for Mr. Waltz, and your comments to me. Please understand at the moment I am experiencing […]

The 2013 Congratulations Project

The 2013 Congratulations Project
To celebrate and honour Mr. Waltz’s second Oscar trophy, we are collecting your messages and artwork to compose our Congratulations project for Mr. Waltz.
The project will be sent off in a week’s time so make sure you send in your contribution before our deadline on Sunday, March 3rd.
We are collecting written messages […] - A true gift from the fans!

Dear friends,
In the last Birthday Project we sent to Mr. Waltz, I told him that, lacking any traditional artistic ability, was my gift to him, given freely, for him to do with what he chose. He chose to make us his official fan website, which was the highest honor we could ever […]

Oscars Sunday!

Do you plan on watching the Oscars? We’ll have a NEW CHAT ROOM open on the night!
Come join us!

Anyone Reddit?

CWF has a Reddit community, and we would love to see you over there! Our new mod, Cannedbeans, is working hard to make it a friendly place for everyone!
Go check it out!

February 16, Christoph Waltz is hosting Saturday Night Live

According to Entertainment Weekly, Christoph Waltz will be hosting the February 16th show. Alabama Shakes are the musical guests.
Excuse me while I just book my ticket to NYC RIGHT NOW… Is it too early to get in line for the audience?

New Feature: Ask Christoph Waltz Fans!

Got a burning question about Mr. Waltz’s works?  Wondering about co-stars or plot lines?  Look no further.  ASK Christoph Waltz Fans! is here.  Our uber-fans will tackle any question regarding Mr. Waltz’s films or other works!
You can find Ask Christoph Waltz Fans under the Features tab, or click the link above.

Christoph Waltz Fans