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Global Christoph Waltz Fans Unite! New Affiliate sites!

I think we can all agree it’s a VERY exciting time to be a Christoph Waltz fan!
We’ve seen a huge rise in Global fan pages and I want to give a shout to them all:
Christoph Waltz México Facebook Christoph Waltz México Website

Christoph Waltz España
Christoph Waltz-Francais
Christoph Waltz Italia
I love seeing so […]


With Halloween fast approaching, the Django Unchained social profiles and Quentin Tarantino’s Facebook page are hosting a special contest!

For “A Very Tarantino Halloween” they are calling upon fans to submit a pic of their Tarantino-inspired Halloween.  All fans have to do is tag their photo on Twitter or Instagram with #HalloweenUnchained or tag the official […]

¡Hola Christoph Waltz Mexico!

We’d like to welcome the new Spanish-speaking forum Christoph Waltz Mexico as an affiliate of Christoph Waltz Fans!  If you are a native Spanish-speaker, you really should check them out and help build their community!  We love hearing about new communities which are specifically for different countries and languages as Mr. Waltz’s appeal is truly […] MEGA CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!

Our lovely friends over at are hosting a mega Tarantino Christmas Giveaway.
If you have ever wanted a wallet that says “Bad Mother Fucker” (from Pulp Fiction) or a keychain to your Pussy Wagon (Kill Bill) now is your chance to win some of these iconic Tarantino mementos!
It’s very easy to enter, so […]

Welcome Pictures of Christoph Waltz ~and~ Water for Elephants now out on DVD

We have two news stories today.
I am sure everyone knows that Water for Elephants is now available on DVD. If you haven’t purchased it yet, please consider buying it through our store to earn CWF some money (best of all, you don’t have to pay more for it and you get Amazon’s […]

Check out our new affiliate: Reservoir Watch Dogs

It goes without saying that fans of Christoph Waltz are 99.99999% also Tarantino fans. So, we are proud and pleased to announce our latest affiliate: The super awesome Reservoir Watch Dogs
The site is new, but I like the furious frequency in which they update, the clever blog posts, and the fact they […]

Welcome, Ultimate Christoph!

We are very pleased to announce a new affiliate and it’s a wonderful one:
Ultimate Christoph is a new fansite for Christoph Waltz. They only started in August, so they’re quite new but I hope they will enjoy much success. Their photo gallery and layout are really lovely, and their content which is […]

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