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Mr Waltz - Clash of Clans advertisements!

You may have seen Mr Waltz in the Clash of Clans advertisements, whether on TV, cinemas, or online.
My personal favourite is the story of The Legend of the Last Lava Pup. Mr Waltz tells James Corden a story about a two clans, the Barbarian party and the Immortals. The fighting had a huge impact on the […]

Mr Waltz considering 2 more Bond movies?

Rumours are in, that Mr Waltz will consider doing another two James Bond movies!
Apparently, his condition is: only if Daniel Craig does the other two.
I don’t know about you, but I think he did a sterling job as Franz Oberhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld; and I would definitely like to see Mr Waltz appear in another two […]


SPECTRE was released last night (26th October), here in the UK.
This quick review WILL NOT contain any spoilers, however, I will write a full review once the movie has been released around the world, with enough time for you all to watch it! 🙂
In my opinion SPECTRE is on par with Casino Royale, in regards […]

Mr Waltz on Graham Norton & CWF's got a mention!

Some of you may be aware that Mr Waltz was a guest on The Graham Norton Show, last night; with fellow Spectre stars Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, along with singer Sam Smith. The talkshow was great fun, and Mr Waltz was as witty as ever!
Another HUGE moment for CWF! 
Myself, being from the UK, I watch The […]

Happy Birthday, Mr Waltz!

Happy Birthday to the man we all love!
From all of us here, at CWF; we wish you a very happy birthday, and hope you spend your day surrounded by the people you love, enjoying your birthday.


Mr Waltz on the cover of Empire NOVEMBER!

Mr Waltz, along with Daniel Craig, appear on the November issue of EMPIRE!
You can read more about it here: READ HERE

Photo from EMPIRE Magazine

Mr Waltz wins GQ's Actor of the Year award!

Mr Waltz has been awarded GQ’s Actor of the Year!
Mr Waltz is staring in the upcoming Bond movie, “Spectre”

You can read a full article at GQ HERE

New Spectre Trailer Here!

The new Spectre trailer has been released! We see a lot more of Mr. Waltz in this trailer, compared to the last videos released.
You all may have seen photographs of Mr. Waltz with CGI markers on his face.
Who’s looking forward to the new movie?

Is Mr Waltz about to make his Hollywood directorial debut?!

We’ve been reading many articles lately, that insist Mr Waltz will be making his directional debut, with a story about a fantasist murderer.
To read more about this story you can visit The Guardian’s post here:
Christoph Waltz to direct tale of fantasist murderer Albrecht Muth

CWF is here for another year!

We’re here for another year!
Thank you to everyone who donated money towards helping keep the site open!
We can’t thank you enough for helping keeping us around!
Here’s to another great year of providing you all with news!

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