The Website Donation Fund – Thank you

by June 9, 2012

Thanks to all of the wonderful fans who find CWF’s content helpful and enjoy the community here, we managed to raise $3000 to have the the website professionally redesigned in order to serve us more effectively in future.

Our deepest and most heartfelt thanks goes out to:

Ghost von CWF

We also would like to extend our gratitude to Paul, our website designer at zelCreative for his awesome work, and to the very special people representing Mr. Waltz who have shown us such kindness.  Thank you also to Mr. Waltz for the kind reception to he has shown to CWF and to myself.

Christoph Waltz Fans is proud to be a website run for the fans to serve all those interested in learning more about Mr. Waltz and his career.  We are honored to have this opportunity to serve other fans, and truly enjoy the work we do here.  With this redesign we will have a solid, professional looking platform to move forward and elegantly present Mr. Waltz’s life work to the world.

Christoph Waltz Fans