Water for Elephants London

by May 6, 2011

3 May 2011, Members of Christoph Waltz Fans.com attended the premiere of Water for Elephants in London.

Ayla, Crushakitty and Lauren were at the event at the Westfield shopping precinct in Shepherd’s Bush, where they waited for many hours prior to Christoph coming. However they were all successful and got to see him!

Report on the WfE Premiere, by Crushakitty:

We arrived at the Water for Elephants premiere at around 4.30pm, quite late in comparison with a lot of fans. However, by asking security guards if we could move closer, we ended up in a fairly good spot. We were located directly opposite the press, and therefore believed we were guaranteed a view of the stars.
The first person to make his way to our area of the red carpet was Robert Pattinson and unfortunately this was the only time we saw some ugly behaviour. A minority of people were pushing and shoving aggressively to get to the front, which was a shame in a generally happy and excited atmosphere. Pattinson appeared an utterly lovely young man, chatting to fans and signing many autographs and posing for pictures. He was being pressurised to move along quickly, but did his best considering the huge numbers of fans wanting his attention.

Christoph Waltz quite literally appeared out of nowhere. We were watching for him when a loud yell of “Christoph!” alerted us to the fact that he was working his way up our side of the red carpet. We were behind a large group of girls who were clearly Robert Pattinson fans. I politely said hello to the girls and explained that we were only there to see Christoph, and would they consider allowing us to move to the front when he came close. The fans in front of us were utterly delightful, more than happy to help us get to the front to see the person we were waiting for.

When Christoph arrived in front of us, he signed my piece of paper and I asked him if we could have a photograph with him, explaining we were big fans. He happily posed for a picture and then waited when I said my friend would like a picture as well. It was at this point my camera seemed to freeze and wouldn’t take a picture. I panicked but Christoph said “take your time, take your time”. He was utterly charming, polite and incredibly sweet. He looked extremely relaxed and at ease, like he was enjoying himself and having fun. He seemed to appreciate our gratitude as we made sure we said ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’ and expressed our thanks for his time. Physically, we were struck by what a small build he has, but also by his stunning eyes which were more striking than you could imagine. In addition, we also noticed what a lovely voice he had and how pronounced his Austrian accent was.

Overall, meeting Christoph was a wonderful experience and we could not have asked for more. He was incredibly nice and relaxed and seemed to have no problem with talking to people or making time for photographs. He was quite simply a true gentleman and a delight to meet.

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