September 2011: CWF attends Carnage premiere in NYC!

by September 21, 2011

It all started, for me, with an airplane.

Jekkie had arrived in New York City at 7:30 in the morning fresh off of the red-eye from California. I wasn’t due in until 4:00 PM. So I get to the airport in plenty of time, find my gate, only to find there’s a “slight delay” before boarding.

No big deal. I wait for about 20 minutes then they board us. We buckle in, and taxi out onto the runway, where they stick us on this plane parking lot. We wait an hour. They bring around water and chips. We wait another hour. They take us back to the gate, but tell us we’re not allowed off of the airplane except if we’re changing our flight plans. They take us back out to the plane waiting pad. They bring more chips and soda. Finally, three and a half hours later, we get airborne and in route to NYC. More chips and soda.

Meanwhile, poor Jekkie had been wandering around NYC, in a zombie state. I had tried that morning to get her into the hotel room but they wouldn’t let me. I called from the airplane when we were grounded on the tarmac and they finally let her go up to the room and sleep.

I arrived at the hotel at 9:30 PM, when I should have been there at 5:30. After a quick hello, a shower and a turkey sandwich, we fell asleep in front of the ESPN.

The next morning we slept in super late and decided to take it easy. Lincoln Center was a block away, and we wanted to make sure we could find out where the fan line would be. We went up to Lincoln Center and I talked to a few people I had contact with, and found out there was no set fan line, just show up at the end of the red carpet and scream our heads off for the stars. We went to have lunch at a really nice Italian cafe across the street which reminded me of Venice with a New York accent. We then walked down to Columbus Circle’s Time Warner shopping center and immediately felt poor next to the expensive boutiques there.

By that time, we went back to the hotel and put on our evening clothes for the event. It was a lovely day, so we sat outside of the Met, and watched them set up the red carpet. We were joined by the lovely Pamela and her boyfriend who had come in from Massachusetts to join us.

At 5, we took our places at the very end of the red carpet. We had GREAT spots to wait at, and were positive Mr. Waltz would see us. 5 turned into 6, which turned into 6:30… we had been told that the stars of Carnage were going to introduce the film, but they still hadn’t shown up. In fact, no celebrities turned up at all despite the press hanging around and waiting. There wasn’t as many press there as what we had expected, and we were unsure what was going on, and why the celebrities were so late. Anyone we asked was either snotty and unwilling to help, or had the great response, “I don’t know.” Finally at 7, John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster and Yasmina Reza (the author of God of Carnage) showed up. Jekkie checked her phone and saw the news: Christoph Waltz dislocated his pelvic area and was unable to attend the New York Film Festival. To make matters worse, the film had started at 6:30 despite the celebrities not being there to introduce it as we had been informed.

We ran into the premiere and had to walk in front of half of the theater. Luckily we made it right before the film started to get really good! (The review is coming soon.)

Afterwards, we had dinner at a nice pub next door to our hotel (there may or may not have been some dancing to Sweet Caroline), and went back to fall asleep in front of the ESPN again. We shared a ride to the airport in the morning, and parted ways as my flight left first. Jekkie’s flight didn’t leave until 6:30 PM.

It was a great trip, and made better by wonderful company – frankly, seeing CW would have been a bonus in my mind, as seeing Jekkie and hanging out with her is just superb. Still, Mr. Waltz was very missed.

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