2010 Birthday Project/Holiday Project

by April 19, 2011

For 2010, ChristophWaltzFans.com ‘s fan club put put together the first Birthday Project and Holiday Project for Christoph Waltz.

About The Birthday Project:

We sent over a CWFans T-shirt, a CWFans beer stein (krug), a group present of a Salvatore Ferragamo tie, cigars, photos of us in Piru, and letters and cards sent by Contingent members from all over the world.

We also put together a special video of us sending birthday wishes to Christoph on a flash drive. Here is an excerpt:

About the Holiday Project:

Because Christoph has stated that he feels the holidays are too commercial, we took a donation for Doctors Without Borders. We raised $100 from Christoph’s fans and sent it as a contribution in the name of our website as a Holiday gift for Christoph.

We received a lovely letter thanking us for our work from Christoph in January 2011 😀

Photos of the making of the Birthday Project:

Christoph Waltz Fans