Mr Waltz on Graham Norton & CWF’s got a mention!

by October 24, 2015 Bond

Some of you may be aware that Mr Waltz was a guest on The Graham Norton Show, last night; with fellow Spectre stars Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, along with singer Sam Smith. The talkshow was great fun, and Mr Waltz was as witty as ever!

Another HUGE moment for CWF! 

Myself, being from the UK, I watch The Graham Norton Show every Friday night, and this episode was one I definitely wasn’t missing!

Graham Norton was meeting Mr Waltz for the first time, and said he seemed like a nice guy (we all know he is, right?!), then he mentioned his fans on his fanpage, and brought our little site up on the show! This is where he started to go through the Do’s & Don’ts when interviewing Mr Waltz (which you can read about here:, he scrolled through the page, showing our main header including our logo and Official Fan Site title to viewers around the world.

This is a proud moment for me, being a fan for a long time, before Inglourious Basterds; and being part of this site!

A user called This Is Life, posted the entire show on YouTube, which you can view below!

CWF is mentioned about 7:00 minutes into the episode 🙂

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The Graham Norton Show S18E05

Profile photo of alizabeth Alizabeth October 24, 2015 at 11:50 am

LOVED IT!!! My favorite interview to date because they were all having so much fun. The highlight for me was seeing the fan page!!

Profile photo of Twinkydrip Twinkydrip November 3, 2015 at 3:05 pm

He was utterly brilliant on Graham Norton’s show. Am an ardent admirer of Mr. Waltz …such a nice chap and a devilishly good actor. I am too from England. Frances.

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