New article in F.A.Z. (in German)

For an article about Mr. Waltz recently published in F.A.Z. (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Verena Lueken has met him in a café in Berlin. To our great pleasure, you can read the article in full online:
They talk about how his life has changed since 2009, what happened on the way, why he is out of the […]

Radio interview on Austrian station Ö1

Shortly before the Oscars, interviewer Hannelore Veit from the Austrian radio station “Ö1” has met Mr. Waltz in L.A. for an interview. The interview comes in German. Mr. Waltz talks, among other topics, about the upcoming Oscar night, Austria, an old outstanding account, working with Tarantino and his upcoming projects. You can listen to the […]

The Sunday Times Culture interview with Christoph Waltz!

The Sunday Times (UK) culture section has a new interview with Mr. Waltz and it is fantastic! (Link to article, requires payment to read)
Sitting down at the Chateau Marmont in LA, Waltz discusses his life in England prior to his rise to fame, and his disdain for theater.  He also speaks highly of Tarantino and […]

Don't Miss This: Christoph Waltz interviewed by Tavis Smiley!

In case you missed it last night, the video is now online! Christoph Waltz was interviewed last night by Tavis Smiley, on PBS. It was a 15 minute interview and Mr. Waltz was in wonderful form. He spoke very enthusiastically about Carnage, working with Roman Polanski, and had a great rapport with […]

You are the coolest actor in Hollywood, Mr. Waltz! TRANSLATION EDITED

A very adorable article on has a short interview with Christoph, who they have billed “The Coolest Actor in Hollywood!”
(We wholeheartedly agree.)
Here is the translation. Visit the website for the original German!

(With thanks to Ghost for the translation assistance)
BILD meets Germany’s Oscar star at the pool
Are you Hollywood’s coolest […]

Interview with Christoph Waltz in La Stampa newspaper (thanks to @MovieTheatrGoer!) (in Italian)

Der Spiegel interview with Christoph Waltz

The German magazine Der Spiegel has a two page interview with Christoph Waltz in their latest edition. In it he talks about Three Musketeers, Carnage and Django Unchained.
We will have an English translation soon, but for now, here is the German:
You can purchase the entire article from Der Spiegel’s online shop or […]

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