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The Fan Club and Forums are Finally Here!

I am so pleased to announce that our new Forum Section, Social Networking Profiles, and Private Messaging features are fully operational!
Back in January we started fundraising for it, and after three months of very hard work, including having to get information and help from the developers of the software, we are so pleased to […]

The 2013 Congratulations Project

The 2013 Congratulations Project
To celebrate and honour Mr. Waltz’s second Oscar trophy, we are collecting your messages and artwork to compose our Congratulations project for Mr. Waltz.
The project will be sent off in a week’s time so make sure you send in your contribution before our deadline on Sunday, March 3rd.
We are collecting written messages […] 2011 Birthday Project!

Dear Friends,
I am very proud and pleased to announce the second annual ‘s birthday project.
As you may remember from last year, we gave Mr. Waltz a Ferragamo tie, among other presents sent to us by fans.  We also put together a video project for him.  We sent the package to his agent in Germany […] News and Site Updates

Dear Friends, is going to undergo some changes. In the next week there will be a few outages on the Forums as I am migrating them to a new software package (as, users of the forum will testify, there’s a bug that I can’t seem to resolve which is stopping people from posting […]

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