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A message from Sacher

After viewing some of the recent links that have been sent to me, I feel compelled to post a message on CWF.
Bear in mind this is my own opinion, and not the opinion of Mr. Waltz, although I feel confident that this message is appropriate given the circumstances.
I feel the yellow press […]

The Congratulations Project - Final Thoughts

 by Ophelia Grace
Dear Friends,
Today is the final day for submissions to our Congratulations Project for Mr. Waltz.
In the three years of running CWF, I have never experienced quite such a response to our projects as this one. Over 150 messages. 80 works of art. Letters from every continent except Antarctica. Letters in English, German, French, […]

Oscars Sunday!

Do you plan on watching the Oscars? We’ll have a NEW CHAT ROOM open on the night!
Come join us!

Anyone Reddit?

CWF has a Reddit community, and we would love to see you over there! Our new mod, Cannedbeans, is working hard to make it a friendly place for everyone!
Go check it out!

The Birthday Project Retrospective

Many new fans have asked me to show them what the Birthday Projects actually are.
I cannot show the entire project, as many fans have requested their letters and art remain private and I respect that.
However, I have compiled a retrospective of select art and letters from the projects over the past three […]

New Feature: Ask Christoph Waltz Fans!

Got a burning question about Mr. Waltz’s works?  Wondering about co-stars or plot lines?  Look no further.  ASK Christoph Waltz Fans! is here.  Our uber-fans will tackle any question regarding Mr. Waltz’s films or other works!
You can find Ask Christoph Waltz Fans under the Features tab, or click the link above.

Christoph Waltz Fans has been named the Official Fan Website of Mr. Christoph Waltz

This has been a very big week for Mr. Waltz.
Oscar nomination, Golden Globe win, currently ranked #2 Celebrity on IMDB, and praise continues to (rightly) heap upon him for his amazing performance as Dr. King Schultz
This has also been a very big week for CWF.
We have enjoyed over 100,000 hits on CWF since the start […]

CWF EXCLUSIVE: Mr. Waltz replies to the 2012 Birthday Project!

Dear (Sacher) and gracious birthday project contributors,
It hit me today that in all of the business of the past few months, I never wrote a thank you for the lovely birthday project you sent. I apologize for the oversight and for the tardiness of this response.
Thank you for your thoughtful words and beautiful artwork. […] On Strike to Protest SOPA/PIPA has joined with other websites to protest SOPA/PIPA laws which would seek to close websites such as CWF for the content we provide.
Sites like CWF provide visitors with the opportunities to view rare images and even harder to find films. We serve a group of people with a particular focused special interest and provide […]

CARNAGE comes to!

Today, Sachertorte and Jekkie34 are arriving in New York City to attend the gala premiere of Carnage at the New York Film Festival tomorrow night!
We are going to be on the barricades near the red carpet and then have tickets to attend the screening in Alice Tulley Hall!
If you are attending the premiere, […]

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