Film Screening

by March 29, 2011

Mandatory Code of Conduct for Attending’s Film Screenings:

By attending’s film screenings you (Viewers) acknowledge that you are a guest of and agree to conduct yourself in a respectful manner towards Site Administration, and towards other viewers. Viewers can be banned at any time at the discretion of Site Administration to preserve a favorable chat environment for all viewers.  Viewers agree to keep the chat content to a level suitable for all ages.

Terms and Conditions:

Videos are provided “as is”, and is not responsible for equipment failures or technical difficulties that may result in the cancelling or postponing of a screening.  We are under no obligation to provide a service that works on every individual system.  Our livestream plays on most computer systems, however if it does not work on yours, we cannot provide technical support or assistance. does not own the copyright for any of these films and they are not being hosted for download, nor are they being screened for profit.  Every reasonable measure has been taken to ensure videos shown on are not able to be copied or reproduced by viewers.

By accessing’s film viewer through the link below you give your agreement to be held to the terms and conditions and code of conduct set forth on this page.

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