Mr Waltz is set to join Michael Douglas in Reykjavik. Mr Waltz will play the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, opposite fellow Oscar-winner Michael Douglas, who takes the role of former US president Ronald Reagan. The movie will be about the 1986 Reykjavik Summit between U.S. president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Weinstein Company set a date for Big Eyes, it’s going to have a wide release in the USA on December 25th. Other countries will now probably set release dates as well and hopefully we will get a trailer soon. We will keep you posted!  

The Guardian just posted a rather amazing interview with Mr Waltz, check it out: The Zero Theorem is being released tomorrow in the UK! Let us know what you think about it in the forums.  

Finally, the news you were all waiting for: The Zero Theorem has finally found US distributors. They’re Amplify (for the theatrical release) and Well Go (for the home video release) Read here: They will open the film theatrically in the late summer with a home video release to follow. More news soon! In the […]

Prepare yourself for the 2015 Oscar night, as Herr Waltz sure is going to be nominated for his tremendous performance in…Ameowdeus. You can watch the trailer below: Of course this is just a spoof trailer from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, yet it’s a good idea for a movie, don’t you think?

New Behind the Scenes clip from The Zero Theorem. This video is about the actors and how they enjoyed working together. Check it out! The Zero Theorem is being released in the UK on March 14th and in Australia on May 15th.  

Christoph Waltz has been added to the list of guests of Jimmy Kimmell’s post-Oscar show. Check it out! Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Oscars airs March 2 after the Academy Awards on ABC.

It is confirmed: Mr Waltz will be a presenter at the Oscars, on March 2nd. He will probably present best supporting actress, as this is the general rule. Stay tuned for further info.

The Zero Theorem is out in the UK on March 14th and Sony released another featurette, about the costumes in the film. Check it out below, it’s really funny:

Tonight is BAFTA night, Herr Waltz will be presenting one of the awards. The show is not broadcast live, as BBC will edit it down to 2 hrs. The ceremony is going to begin at 7 p.m. GTM (if you want to know the winnters in real time look them up on Twitter), but it […]

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