Are there subtitles?

Only on the videos where indicated.

Will you add subtitles?

At this time we’re unable to provide subtitles.

Will you be adding in my favorite movie/movie I want to see?

Yes. Please use the contact form and tell me which film you want! I’ll include it in the next update.

How often will you be adding films?

I hope to add a few a day until the back catalog is done.

Does this work on my mobile device/iPad/iPod/iPhone?

No. Only on computers.

Is payment only good for one viewing?

No! Cleeng puts your purchases into a history with links that enable you to re-watch it. It’s a one-time purchase only!

This won’t work! Can I get my money back?

Cleeng might be able to refund it. Please consult their website.

This film has commercials/distortion/bad picture quality!

Due to the nature of the source recordings, unfortunately some of the films are not of perfect quality.

Christoph was only in this film for five seconds!

Please consult the description of the film. I’ve tried to note when he is a lead, supporting, or minor character.

I speak German and your description is wrong.

Please use the contact form to notify us of any errors

Why does it say JWPlayer in the top right corner?

We cannot afford to pay the full license for JWPlayer right now.

Hey! You’re violating my copyright!

Please use the contact form to let us know which files you wish to have removed.