Film of the Month May 2013: Man(n) sucht Frau

Film of the Month brings you “Man(n) sucht Frau” in May!
For our May 2013 edition of Film of the Month, Helle is taking an insightful look at the 1995 movie Man(n) sucht Frau. Does the romantic drama offer what this caption promises?
Check out her great review here to find out!

April 2013 Film of the Month: Der Mörder ist unter uns – Der Fall Gehring

Helle is here with our Film of the Month for 2013: Der Mörder ist unter uns – Der Fall Gehring
This is one of Christoph Waltz’s later films and he was nominated for an award! Check out her very insightful review! Thank you Helle for this review!

Film of the month is back!

Ghost has brought back Film of the Month back for March with TODSÜNDE! A erotic thriller about autoerotic asphyxiation.. is it worth it? Check out her review!

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