Water for Elephants

Christoph Waltz joins the circus!

In preparation for Water for Elephants, Christoph Waltz spent some time with the Circus Knie! There is a lovely letter written to the circus patrons in their current program.
Link to full article (In German)
Letter translation:
Dear viewers,
I envy you – you sit in the Circus and look forward to the show. I would like to […]

ChristophWaltzFans.com interviewed at WFE-NYC!

While we were at the premiere of Water for Elephants, we were interviewed in the crowd! Check out the interview with Christoph, where the reporter, Lesley Nagy, informs him we are in the crowd, and also talks to our own Jekkie34!
(sorry, no embeddable link available)

A Comparison: August vs. Hans

Contributor NeuroticMarshmallow has written a very insightful comparison of August Rosenbluth and Hans Landa as a response to a criticism that August was a “watered down” version of Landa.

by NeuroticMarshmallow
I seem to remember having read a review that said the character of August is merely a watered down version of Hans Landa (This was the […]

CWFans News Roundup: Christoph dominates WFE!

Contributed by DeborahKLA and Lisa Riley Emig
Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times), Kenneth Turan (LA Times) and Michael O’Sullivan (Washington Post) have given Christoph rave reviews for his performance in Water for Elephants.
“If the circus is a hierarchical pyramid, August is at the very top. It’s a part tailor-made for the accomplished Waltz, an Oscar winner for […]

VIDEO: Jekkie34 meets Christoph Waltz at Water for Elephants NYC!

Jekkie34 was lucky enough to meet Christoph outside of the Ziegfeld Theater at the premiere of Water for Elephants! View the video here!

CWFans reviews Water for Elephants

As a friend of mine is fond of saying, “It takes three to make a triangle.” While promotion for Water for Elephants has focused on Marlena and Jacob (Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson), the third point of the triangle, August (Christoph Waltz), is a tsunami force to be reckoned with and by far the […]

Early Reviews: Christoph Waltz commanding as August!

The Associated Press, ComingSoon.net and The Hollywood Reporter have both published their reviews of Water for Elephants.
The Hollywood Reporter says that Water for Elephants may lack some authentic 1930s dialogue and is too ‘pretty’ of a reflection of the Great Depression, but reserves its’ praise for Christoph Waltz, saying“he scores strongly as the middle-aged man […]

Video: Christoph Waltz on Regis and Kelly

We have the video of Christoph Waltz on Regis and Kelly uploaded for your enjoyment!

PS: I don’t think I’m the “Busy Blogger”…. am I?

Set your DVRs! Christoph Waltz on TV:

Just a reminder Christoph Waltz is on TV TOMORROW on Regis and Kelly Live (9:00 AM, ABC) and Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live (11:00 PM ABC)
Let us not forget what happened last time Christoph and Jimmy Kimmel got together…….

MORE Wonderful Interviews with Christoph!

Since the premiere, some more wonderful video interviews have emerged with Christoph from the press junket.
Water for Elephants

PopSugar.TV (my personal favorite)


Access Hollywood:

MySpace Film:
Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon talk: Water for ElephantsHollywood Interviews with Andrew | Myspace Video

MTV Film:


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