Inglourious Basterds


With Halloween fast approaching, the Django Unchained social profiles and Quentin Tarantino’s Facebook page are hosting a special contest!

For “A Very Tarantino Halloween” they are calling upon fans to submit a pic of their Tarantino-inspired Halloween.  All fans have to do is tag their photo on Twitter or Instagram with #HalloweenUnchained or tag the official […]

Check out our new affiliate: Reservoir Watch Dogs

It goes without saying that fans of Christoph Waltz are 99.99999% also Tarantino fans. So, we are proud and pleased to announce our latest affiliate: The super awesome Reservoir Watch Dogs
The site is new, but I like the furious frequency in which they update, the clever blog posts, and the fact they […]

Eli Roth's incredible photo! (Larger size inside)

Last night, on Tumblr, Eli Roth posted an amazing photo of himself and Christoph in the back of a limo en route to the world premiere of Inglourious Basterds at Cannes in 2009. At that point, no one had seen the film yet.
The shot is remarkable, as it is quite possibly the […]

A Comparison: August vs. Hans

Contributor NeuroticMarshmallow has written a very insightful comparison of August Rosenbluth and Hans Landa as a response to a criticism that August was a “watered down” version of Landa.

by NeuroticMarshmallow
I seem to remember having read a review that said the character of August is merely a watered down version of Hans Landa (This was the […]

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