Epic the Movie

The ChristophWaltzFans.com Review of: Epic, the Movie

We know we’re a bit late with this review… but none the less, better late than never…
A variety of issues were going on in my life during the general release of Epic. My inlaws were visiting for two weeks. I had pnuemonia. My husband was working weekends. All of that […]

The Third Epic - The Movie Trailer!

Yesterday, the third trailer for Epic – the Movie was released and it is absolutely beautiful. The movie, based on the books by William Joyce, features a group of tiny people called The Leafmen who are fighting to save the forest from Mandrake (voiced by Christoph Waltz) A girl gets shrunk and […]

New Epic Trailer, featuring voices, including Christoph Waltz as Mandrake

See if you can spot his voice!

“I’m going to destroy the forest but I’m only going to do it once, so try to pay attention.”
What do you think about Epic? I think it sounds amazing, and I can’t wait!

NEW PROJECT: Christoph Waltz in "Epic: The Movie!"

IMDB is reporting that Christoph Waltz has done the voice of the character “Mandrake” in Epic: the Movie, due out in May 2013! The animated film also features the voices of  Amanda Seyfried, Beyonce Knowles, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Jason Sudekis, and Aziz Ansari.
Epic is the story of a teenager who finds herself transported to […]

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