NEW photos! TimesTalk LA, Variety Screening of Carnage, Behind the Camera Awards!

As the Carnage press junket rolls on, some new pictures have emerged from press and industry screening events over the past month.
We are happy to have found a load of pictures from TimesTalk LA on Nov. 5 (we were there!!), the Variety screening of Carnage, and Mr. Waltz and Yasmina Reza at the Hamilton Behind […]

Berliner Morgenpost interview with Christoph Waltz (UPDATE: added link to interview)

Update: Here is a link to ‘s interview with Christoph Waltz (German) Polanski hat immer Recht
Here is a short interview with the Berliner Morgenpost about Carnage. Original in German, rough translation below.
Berliner Morgenpost: Waltz – “Es ist einfach, Hollywood zu verteufeln” (Original German)

Waltz – “It’s easy to demonize Hollywood”
In 2009, the […]

Global Carnage Interviews Megapost! UPDATED: German articles translated to English

Lots of links and images today to interviews Christoph is giving for Carnage. The Playboy interview has been translated to English and is at the end of this article.
We have Mr. Waltz’s German interview with Playboy (Dec. 2011 issue) scanned in for your enjoyment, and some from the German TV magazine.
TV Digital
„Puke by Polanski’s recipe“

TV […]

Interviews with Christoph (In German)

There have been several new interviews and press with Mr. Waltz lately due to the extensive promotion he has been doing for Carnage. Here are the links to the interviews.
Christoph Waltz ist begeistert von Roman Polanski
Christoph Waltz – Das Tier auf deutschen Straßen

Gala Premiere of Carnage and LACMA - UPDATES WITH PHOTOS

Kelly B. (Assistant Administrator) with Christoph Waltz 11/05/2011
Yesterday we had the great privilege of attending the LACMA TimesTalk event with Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly.
It was so amazing to be so close to Mr. Waltz at the Q&A (we were literally less than five feet from him in the front row), and for […]

A Conversation with Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly

The LACMA is holding a Conversation with Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly on Saturday Nov. 5, 2011 at 3 PM at the Bing Theater. The cost is $25 for non members and $20 for members. They will be discussing their roles in Roman Polanski’s Carnage and in John C. Reilly’s film, We […]

New Carnage Photos!

While browsing Italian websites, I happened across a bunch of new Carnage photos. Enjoy!
(visitors to will have seen these already)

Don't Walk Into This Dog Fight Wearing Steak-Flavored Underwear: The CWF Review of Carnage

Yasmina Riza’s wonderful commentary on the savagery that lies underneath modern civilized veneers has been analyzed and reviewed elsewhere. This review will focus on Christoph Waltz’s performance in Carnage.
In recent years, we have seen Waltz turn performances which place him in command of his world, confident in his own place on the top […]

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Christoph Waltz

We learned today, while on the barricades by the red carpet at the Carnage premiere, that Mr. Waltz had an accident while training for Django Unchained and dislocated his pelvis.
On behalf of Jekkie and myself (and Pamela who attended also) we hope that the injury was not too severe and Mr. Waltz has a […]

CARNAGE comes to!

Today, Sachertorte and Jekkie34 are arriving in New York City to attend the gala premiere of Carnage at the New York Film Festival tomorrow night!
We are going to be on the barricades near the red carpet and then have tickets to attend the screening in Alice Tulley Hall!
If you are attending the premiere, […]

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