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Christoph Waltz Fans has been named the Official Fan Website of Mr. Christoph Waltz

This has been a very big week for Mr. Waltz.
Oscar nomination, Golden Globe win, currently ranked #2 Celebrity on IMDB, and praise continues to (rightly) heap upon him for his amazing performance as Dr. King Schultz
This has also been a very big week for CWF.
We have enjoyed over 100,000 hits on CWF since the start […]

Stay safe!

To all friends affected by Hurricane Sandy or other weird weather: Stay safe, we’re thinking of you!
CWF is based in Pittsburgh, PA so we are due to get heavy winds and rain, and possible power outages. We are hoping not to get the flooding, snow and heavy rain that was predicted but we’ll find […]

The Christoph Waltz Fans Daily Ten-Spot On Tumblr!

We are bringing back a CWF tradition of the daily photo post on Tumblr!
Long-time friends of the site know that actually started out on Tumblr as a daily dozen picture post.  Now with Tumblr’s new upload system, we can upload 10 photos at one time, making the process a lot easier, and we’re renaming […]

Our Film of the Month July 2012: Unter Verdacht

Our Film of the Month for July 2012: Unter Verdacht – Hase und Igel

In the July 2012 installment of our Film of the Month series, we are taking a closer look at the German police story series Unter Verdacht. The series premiered in 2002 on arte, our featured episode Hase und Igel was first aired […]

Official Announcement: The 2012 CWF Birthday Project UPDATED

Hello everyone!
It’s that time of year again where we’re thinking about the 2012 Birthday Project.
One of the features from last years’ project that went down really well were the inclusion of drawings and art inspired by Christoph’s many characters.  This year, we would love to feature MORE art inspired by Christoph and his characters – […]

Our Film of the Month June 2012: Tigeraugen sehen besser

Our Film of the Month for June 2012: Tigeraugen sehen besser

For the June 2012 edition of our monthly Film of the Month review series, Sacher is taking a closer look at Tigeraugen sehen besser. The romantic comedy is one of the few movies that offer CW as the romantic lead. The movie was produced by […]

Our Film of the Month for May 2012: Kopfstand

Kopfstand is our Film of the Month for May 2012!
For the May 2012 edition of our monthly “Film of the Month” review series, Sacher is taking a close look at Kopfstand, a classic Austrian movie from Mr. Waltz’s early career, released in 1981, coming in black-and-white. It’s a movie you definitely don’t want to miss, […]

Happy Birthday CWF!

CWF turns 2 today!

Two years exactly ago from today, CWF was started by Sacher on her birthday. We are happy to celebrate our 2nd anniversary together with you, the 2nd of hopefully many yet to come!
Thank you all for your continued support and the love you gave us over the years!
Our biggest THANK YOU goes […]

April 2012 Film of the month: Polizieruf 110, and the Christoph Waltz Fans Website Redesign Fund!

April 2012 Film of the Month

We have our April 2012 Film of the month, a review from Ghost of Polizeiruf 110!  Christoph plays a morphine-addled doctor and it seems as if much unintentional hilarity is the result…  Check out Ghost’s take on it!
And a big THANK YOU to Ghost for doing March and April […]

Thank you all so much....

Yesterday was our biggest day on CWF ever, logging 2000 new hits (that’s not counting repeat visitors) in a 24 hr. period.
The story we published has hit viral status – and it’s amazing to think that a 31 year old housewife in nowhere, Pennsylvania could post something that spreads like digital wildfire.
To […]

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