Kelley (Sacher)

Auf Wiedersehen my friends

Dear Friends,
I would like to announce that I am stepping down as the main admin of . has grown by leaps and bounds since our humble beginnings as the Daily Dozen on Tumblr back in 2010.  When I first had the idea for the site, it was a challenge that I set for myself: […]

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Many happy returns and thank you for all you do for CWF!!
Love, Sacher x

2013 CWF Birthday Project: Call for Submissions

It’s that time of year – the time when we’re collecting messages and artwork for Mr. Waltz’s birthday!
If you wish to submit a message wishing Mr. Waltz a happy birthday, or a work of art inspired by Mr. Waltz or his characters, please send them via email to and we will be putting […]

ANTWERP: Final count needed.

We need to know the final number of who is attending Das Rosenkavalier so we can arrange tickets for the CWF group. Please reply to this post so our mod Leyla/CW Italia knows!
Thank you!

The Review of: Epic, the Movie

We know we’re a bit late with this review… but none the less, better late than never…
A variety of issues were going on in my life during the general release of Epic. My inlaws were visiting for two weeks. I had pnuemonia. My husband was working weekends. All of that […]

Congratulations Chelsea

Today, our mod and friend Chelsea is getting married!
Congratulations Chelsea and best wishes to you! xxxx

Wishes - one girls' dream has now come true!

We at CWF love to hear about wishes coming true. For Julia Morrison, a fan of CW and friend of CWF, her dream of writing a children’s book has now happened!
Wishes is about a regular day in a kindergarten class that turns upside down when the Wishes man comes and makes dreams come […]

CWF Forums: The place for discussion of Mr Waltz's works: Past, present and future.

Join us in CWF’s Forums to talk about any new news item, including videos, and other new releases.

CWF On Vacation! (6-20th) - UPDATED

Don’t panic, our new mod staff is here to keep CWF going!
Meet Jolly Joker, Alizabeth and Rosa who are joining Ghost, Jekkie, Helle and Chelsea in the forums and posting on CWF!
Let’s give them a big welcome! 😀
Update: A word from Ghost
Please also give a big welcome to Leyla, our newest team […]

The Fan Club and Forums are Finally Here!

I am so pleased to announce that our new Forum Section, Social Networking Profiles, and Private Messaging features are fully operational!
Back in January we started fundraising for it, and after three months of very hard work, including having to get information and help from the developers of the software, we are so pleased to […]

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