About Sacher

by November 27, 2012

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably wondering who I am.

I am a 33 year old wife to a British expat and a mother to an adorable five year old boy who has autism. We live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We share our home with two handsome boxer dogs, spend a lot of time near the swings and slides, and embrace every day as a chance to learn.

CWF was started while I was undertaking graduate work, but as my son’s condition became more pronounced, it became crucial that I postpone my studies in order to provide his full-time care.  I took on the challenge of CWF, first – as something to do which would provide me ample time to care for my son’s needs, and second – to create and run a website and blog with a professional approach to the challenge. Through many years of observing fan communities on the internet, I decided that I wanted to run things differently. I hypothesized that a fan community, ran professionally and with an approach that would encourage users and viewers to respectfully participate in discussion and the sites’ administration, would be able to transcend the “one lone fan’s website” stigma, and become a respected internet presence and resource. Indeed, CWF is made richer through our users and visitors’ participation, and the wide-reaching audience of fans across all major social media platforms. We have grown from my idea to the present day, when we are proudly be able to say that we are recognized as the official fan website of Mr. Waltz. We will continue to grow and serve the fans of Mr. Waltz, supporting and helping to promote all of his future endeavors, while helping to bring access of his past career to his new audience.

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