Hey! Let’s All Go to Antwerp for CWF-FEST, Dec. 13-19th 2013!

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Antwerp! Why Antwerp?

Sunday, December 15th is the premiere of Das Rosenkavalier at the Vlaamse Opera. Christoph Waltz is directing this opera. CWF wants to be there to support him in this new and exciting endeavor!

Cool. That’s a long way to go, though.

We know. That’s why we at CWF have put together a SUPER AWESOME week of fan activities to coorespond with the opera! It will be a world-wide meet of Christoph Waltz Fans, from as far away as South Korea… and Nevada, and Pittsburgh, and England, and Germany, and Austria, and Italy and everywhere else!

What sort of activities?

After-party after the opera. Brewery tour. Tours of Antwerp. Tours of Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges (provided by a tourguide, and transportation on our own PARTY COACH!) CW movies watched in real-time during NIGHTLY MOVIE SCREENINGS (With German speakers around to help translate the action). All meals included. All Drinks included. All flights included. All accomodation included. It’s a veritable CWF-FEST!

Who are you booking through?

We are doing this trip through Go-Travel.com who have provided us a preliminary itienarary. The awesome thing is we can change it around and have a say in the side trips! So, if you’re dying to see Flander’s Field or a large Cheesekeller, or whatever, just tell us and we’ll arrange it. This is YOUR CWF-Fest!

Hey, I don’t need the flights/side trips/accomodation/food, etc.

I hear you. That’s ok. You are welcome to make your own arrangements and join us for whatever parts of the trip you want. All I need to know is that you are coming to the opera and I will have a ticket for you.

What’s the catch?

The catch is that I need at least 10 people to take the full package (with or without flights), in order for us to go. I need at least 20 people to go to the Opera itself. The opera’s 20 people requirement will not be a problem, because we already almost have that in European fans coming to Antwerp. So we’ll be good, if we get 10 to go on the package.

What happens if you don’t get 10 people? I still want to go to the opera!

I am still going to secure a block of tickets for the opera for all CWF people who want to go, and it will be down to you to get everything else together.

How much is the Opera?

I don’t know yet. We’ll be getting the tickets nearer to June. Budget 100 euro for tickets.

How much will the package cost?

PEOPLE NEEDING AIRFARE: Prices in USD, departing from New York.

Per Person Based on
Two Per Room $2836

Per Person Based on
One Per Room $3018

You will have to provide your own transit to New York.


Per Person Based on
Two Per Room $1744

Per Person Based on
One Per Room $1926

This sounds like it will be fantastic! Sign me up!

Great! I need a FULLY REFUNDABLE $50 deposit. Once you’ve paid it to reserve your place, you have up until we make the first group trip payment of $500 at the end of June to request a refund. If we do not make 10 people on the package (either with or without flights) it will be refunded.

We hope you will join us for CWF-Fest! We’re so excited about it and want to share the beauty of Belgium, the opera, and the fun of CWF with all of you at our first global meetup!

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