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by February 22, 2013 About Christoph Waltz

Water for Elephants UK Premiere

Dear friends,

In the last Birthday Project we sent to Mr. Waltz, I told him that, lacking any traditional artistic ability, was my gift to him, given freely, for him to do with what he chose. He chose to make us his official fan website, which was the highest honor we could ever wish to obtain. It was more than I ever dreamed we could achieve. For a stay-at-home mom who lives in Western PA, this kind recognition was to me like winning an Oscar. But things have got even better.

In the next project we send, I will let him know this:

In 12 days, YOU all have helped us raise $1300 to add the Buddypress system to which will make it a true membership site. We will have forums. We will have chat. We will have nice member profiles. We will have a wonderful fanclub section that will be as good as you all can make it through your participation. Our wonderful web designer, Paul, from Zel Creative, is working on seamlessly integrating it with our current setup and it will launch very soon. is no longer just my gift, it is a gift from all of you. This site has grown, thrived and become absolutely more than I ever hoped it could become, and it is thanks to you – the fans, the visitors – that we have grown to the point where we can use more features.

Thank you all so much, from my heart, for your kindness and support of this site, and for your support of Mr. Waltz.
Kelley (Sacher)
Founder, Admin

Many Thanks to:
And our contributors who wished to remain anonymous! We love you all!

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