Buy a CWF T-shirt for the Holidays, Be More Attractive*

by December 9, 2012 About Christoph Waltz

It would seem that in a few days there is a holiday coming up.

We here at CWF love holidays. There is nothing better than finding an opportunity to sit around with family members enjoying a warm and rosy glow that only food and alcohol can provide.

If you are planning on participating in a holiday that involves the giving of gifts, we would like to humbly proffer our CWF Gift Guide for the stylish fangirl (or boy).

And if you act now, you can save 15% off the price of a shirt, using code HOLIDAYTREAT – Last day today, Sunday 8 December 2012!!!

We have our Toothy Wagon shirt, inspired by the logo on the side of Dr. King Schultz’s Dentist Wagon in the upcoming film Django Unchained.

Shirts are fully customizable and go up to size XXXXL.
We are also featuring the CWF Website Redesign Shirt, featuring the iconic Django Unchained chain/silhouette imagry.

We have a wide range of other shirts, including our Carnage-inspired design, and a shirt inspired by the now-legendary “Der Humpink” sketch.

The CWF t-shirts are a perfect solution to the daily problem of what to wear. Buy a CWF t-shirt for yourself or your friends or loved ones this year. Buy two or more – surely your dad or grandpa, or brother, or roommate needs a new t-shirt. It is guaranteed to make the wearer smell better**, be more attractive,* and you will let everyone know that you are a Christoph Waltz fan.


*Attractiveness will only increase when you are viewed by other Christoph Waltz fans while wearing the shirt. And maybe not even then.
**Assuming all your other clothes are dirty at the time of you wearing the shirt

Profile photo of jekkie34 jekkie34 December 14, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Can’t believe I haven’t ordered my Django shirt. Hopefully it will arrive before Xmas.

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