Premiere Magazine: Django Unchained interview with Christoph Waltz, translated

by September 1, 2012 About Christoph Waltz

While you will have to buy the whole magazine in order to read the complete story, and the actual interview in French, I have done a rough translation of the short interview with Christoph Waltz, and Jamie Foxx’s comments about Mr. Waltz.

Christoph Waltz: I was afraid of repeating Inglourious Basterds

Colonel Landa in Inglourious Basterds was an unforgettable character. But for Christoph Waltz Tarantino found a nice character as well. King Schultz – the name of Django’s unchainer.

P: Did it take all of Tarantino’s powers of persuasion to convince you to work with him again?

CW: Yes yes, it was such torture. You’re kidding, right?

P: Yes.

CW: Ha ha ha, In this case, very funny. (He laughs.) I must say that there was a fear: falling back into what we had already done, repeating Inglourious Basterds. The experience was so good that a hedonist would believe that it was possible to recreate it again and remember the feeling of the first time. But that would have been a mistake. Django Unchained is another story, another film. Time has elapsed in the meantime.

P:It seems that you were the only one to have access to the script for his writing …

CW: That’s what Quentin is like. He told me he wrote quickly and we established a little ritual: I went to see him from time to time, we went out dinner, then returned home and he made me read it – in silence – the first twenty pages of the script, then the following twenty and twenty following … And so on until the end

P: To summarize, what have you learned in contact with Tarantino?

CW: (He reflects.), I learned that if you are happy with the limits of your own imagination, you will never reach its full potential. With Quentin, I guarantee the limits will continue to expand

P: Did you spend time with Jamie Foxx to create chemistry between your characters? Did you know him before this?

CW: No, like everyone else, I had in mind his image of a cool guy. When Quentin invited us both to his house, I was skeptical, “OK, let’s see if he is as cool as I imagine.” It should be understood that, nowadays, the word “Cool” has lost its meaning. It is used all the time, but in 98% of cases, it’s bullshit. There was considerable discussion of what was important for the film. As I’m Austrian, I do not know much about the situation between whites and blacks in the United States. Jamie told me about personal stories that have opened my eyes … In two hours, he taught me about America and he gives meaning to the word cool.

Jamie Foxx on Christoph Waltz:

P: You share the screen with Christoph Waltz. How is it to work with him?

JF: He is a gentleman! You saw the way he is portrayed in the film? I was hallucinating when I saw him dressed up like this: “Waltz, I want to see you in GQ!” This is perfect for the character as Chris is so distinguished in his life. When King Schultz resolves issues with violence, it is an impressive contrast

-English translation by Sacher. The only true complete version is found in Premiere Magazine, ep. 427. This translation is only for entertainment and can not be referred to as an actual correct version of the interview
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He NEEDS to do more GQ photos.

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i so agree with Jamie Foxx!!

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Wow, that’s a good interview and Jamie Foxx is sooooo right I think! =D

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