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by August 11, 2012 About Christoph Waltz


We are very sorry for the lack of movie today on CWF.  There was a power outage due to the wind and storms that have been coming through this region.  A tree was knocked down and took out a main power line.  Apparently there was an explosion and everything!   Die Alte – Zwei Leben is rescheduled at the end of October.

I would like to remind everyone that The 2012 Birthday Project’s deadline is about a month away! If you plan on participating, now is the time to get busy.  We need messages and artwork! Please send them to

We also have lots of weeks left available for the Beardwatch 2012 Betting Pool – $5.00 could win you over $50.00! 

Enjoy your weekend, and let’s hope next week no photos come out as I’m on vacation!


PS: Help Wanted! We could use someone interested in writing the Film of the Month section for CWF.  If you’re interested, please email  .  Thank you !

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