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As of last Saturday, Django Unchained had six days of filming left.

Six days have come and gone.

It’s officially BEARDWATCH 2012! 


When is the beard going to be shaved off?  When will we next see Mr. Waltz with neat and tidy hair and facial hair? Or has he had it so long that he’s grown to like it?  He has been growing the beard since April 2011, which means it’s been with him for over a year now.  That’s a long time to have a beard and not get used to it…

 Remember this look?  We do too.

Of course, we at have no idea what is in Mr. Waltz’s mind regarding his overgrowth of chin hair.  All we can do now is watch….. and pray. 

(Mr. Waltz’s likely reaction to this post)

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