Busy Blogger Roundup: The “I Love Rumours” edition

by July 12, 2012 Coming Soon

We’ve got a bit of grist from the rumor mill for you today, as the Busy Bloggers of the world have been busy figuring out Mr. Waltz’s next move!

I stress these are RUMOURS, and while I normally shy away from them – the things coming out right now are flying fast and furious so I will compile them with my takes on their likelihood.

  • Opera Magazine is reporting that in the 2016/2017 season, Christoph Waltz will be directing Renee Fleming in her farewell to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, a production of Der Rosenkavalier.

If this is true, it’s a major career departure for Mr. Waltz, and a return to the theater.  In past interviews he’s been noted as expressing his disappointment with the stage and lack of desire to return to it – but perhaps that’s just as an actor and not as a director? In any rate, 2016/2017 is a long way away, and this is going to be a major event in the Opera world.  We’ll be watching for more information on this if and when it materializes.

Likelihood of Truth:

  • Italian sources are reporting that Christoph Waltz is linked to “Frei”, set at the end of World War 2. A Nazi commander is escaping at the end of the war and encounters a Jewish woman who he rescues. Bernd Fischerauer is set to produce and direct, starting in October 2012.  Source and Source

If the production was right, the script was good, and the story was compelling, I could see this happening.  Prior to this, USA Today reported Mr. Waltz was going to direct after Django Unchained was finished filming, but perhaps that has been put on hold for now?

Likelihood of Truth:



  • IMDB has Christoph Waltz linked to a film called Tombstone Smackdown, currently in Script stage, on IMDB Pro but there is no further public information about it. As IMDB can be modified by anyone, nothing is confirmed until production actually begins.

I don’t personally believe it.  Maybe I just don’t want to believe it.

Likelihood of Truth:



  •  Christoph Waltz is to portray Carlos Kleiber, the Viennese-Argentinian conductor in an upcoming film.

This one is being discussed by CWF members but no source can be found for the origination.  In the recent article about the Jaguar XKR-S in Deutschland GQ, Mr. Waltz related an anecdote about Kleiber.  It has been shown in the past that Waltz alludes to his upcoming work and co-stars in interviews (Jodie Foster, Will Smith for Django Unchained as two examples), so perhaps this is a clue?

Likelihood of Truth: 


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