Carnage press continues in Germany (German and English links)

by November 27, 2011 Carnage

I hope everyone US-based has recovered from Thanksgiving and the dreaded “Black Friday” sales!

We have a gaggle of new links to articles as Carnage was just released in Germany but first, in preparation for the SAG awards, did a series of “Actor on Actor” articles.

Robert Duvall on Christoph Waltz (English)

Waltz: “Gute Komödien sind eine ernste Sache” (German)

“Mich nervt dieses Getümmel” (German)

„Wir ändern uns jeden Tag“ (German)

Christoph Waltz schwärmt von Polanski (German)

“Ich finde Superlative lächerlich” (German)

“Hollywood macht viel mehr als Kommerzkacke” (German)

As always, we hope to get some of these translated into English but may not be able to.


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