Water for Elephants

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August Rosenbluth in Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants is the story of a depression era circus. Christoph Waltz stars as August Rosenbluth, the ringmaster of the circus who is married to the beautiful showgirl Marlena (Reese Witherspoon.) Robert Pattinson stars as Jacob Jankowski, the vet of the circus who falls in love with Marlena, much to August’s chagrin.

Water for Elephants is based on the New York Times bestselling novel by Sara Gruen. The film adaptation is directed by Francis Laurence


March 29, 2011

In five days, the Press Junket for Water for Elephants is starting in Los Angeles.

March 9, 2011

Water for Elephants’ official premiere is April 17 in New York City at the ZIEGFELD THEATER.

Red carpet starts at 5 and the premiere begins at 6.

CHRISTOPHWALTZFANS.COM will be in attendance. If you would like to join the Christoph Contingent for this event, please join us on Facebook for more information

March 7, 2011

Water for Elephants’ official Facebook and Twitter confirmed that the premiere is April 17, 2011 in New York City! ALL the lead actors including Christoph will be in attendance!

March 3, 2011

Several new trailers have been released for Water for Elephants including an international trailer that is absolutely beautiful!

February 10, 2011

Francis Laurence tweeted today that he is en route to Paris to do ADR with Christoph! Very exciting!

February 5, 2011

Breaking news! Francis Laurence just tweeted that Water for Elephants is having its’ US premiere on April 17, 2011 in New York City!

The Christoph Contingent fan club members WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE!

January 13, 2011

Last night, Francis Laurence tweeted that reshoots and a “surprise ending” for Water for Elephants is currently being filmed. Very exciting!

December 29, 2010

It was announced that the release date of Water for Elephants has been pushed back one week until April 22, 2011. This is due to a slot opening up on the holiday weekend, which is a more favorable release slot for the film.

Beatrice May 1, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Tthe men are geniuses! I LOVE them

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